(Written By: Mari Waters)

Who used to kiss me in the morning

Who used to hold me when I sleep

You, It was you

With those blue eyes of yours

I, I would text you every hour

We would cook dinner after work

Now that I'm gone

I'm back home all alone

You seem to think

That goodbye means see you later

I always say that the future is uncontrolled

We never know this could be our very last kiss

Wish I could freeze all those feelings in a song

We would sing all night long

I believe this is only the beginning

You and me, we came from many miles apart

In between

We were mending broken hearts

And suddenly 

They start to beat

I believe this is only the beginning

I will try, our story couldn't end like this

You and me

We're dreamers and we finally met

And eventually

We will be a family

I believe