Mari Waters is a self-taught singer/songwriter who found a safe place in music to get in touch with her deepest feelings and emotions. Her childhood memories go from listening to Elvis Presley, since the age of 2, to being crazy about the movie Labyrinth featuring David Bowie.


Born and raised in Brazil, Mari developed a true passion for English through music and started writing and creating melodies for her original songs at the age of 10. All her music has been kept in notebooks and phone recordings over the years and when she turned 30, she took a "life detox” on a self discovery journey to find her own voice and use it to share stories of self love, female empowerment and empathy on human relations.

Mari’s deep connection with the ocean and singing always led her to believe mermaids are more than legends, but real women who have deep thoughts about life, challenge status quo and fight for the right of having their voices heard “in a men’s world”. Representing a new generation of women who will not accept to be silenced, her music is here to bring calm on the stormy sea and reflections about being an independent woman in modern times while trying to figure out life and love. 

Music and love connect us all.